Samba Résille in Helsinki

From 3rd to 9rd of June 2019, 50 members of Samba Résille were in Finland as part of the European project “Constructors of spaces for multicultural cooperations”.

Constructors of multicultural cooperations spaces is a cooperation between three European structures, Samba Résille, the Finnish Federation of Samba Schools and A Bunda in Sweden, which use samba to carry out creative, social and civic actions. The cooperation aims to develop the artistic and managerial skills of the staff involved to consolidate and amplify the sambiste networks in France and in Europe.

Two learning mobilities are programmed to meet very specific objectives:
– deepen artistic skills and broaden the multidisciplinary spectrum of partner activities;
– train and design tools to structure and grow European networks of sambists;
– to question the fusion of the Brazilian culture with the cultures of the North, to be inspired by it and to promote the intercultural engagement.

As a first step in this project, Samba Résille was welcomed by the Finnish Federation of Samba Schools (Suomen sambakoulujen liitto ry), which works to propose experiences and knowledge of samba, and to promote samba as a leisure activity at national and international level. It now represents 7 Samba schools across Finland for more than 800 members, and aims above all to increase the skills and knowledge related to samba and to implement international cooperation between member associations and others samba schools.

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