Nyctalope in Helsinki – Finland / from 4th to 20th october

Meeting with Caisa, Helsinki​

Programme Erasmus+ KA1 Mobilités des adultes
The incubator of creative emergence- European Project led by Samba Résille (Toulouse, France) in partnership with CAISA, (Helsinki, Finland) and with collaboration of Le Polymorphe Cie (Marseille, France) and Bonnefoy cultural center (Toulouse)

NYCTALOPE is project created by the Compagnie Le Polymorphe and consists of two stages:
One in Toulouse and the other in Helsinki with the Caisa cultural centre founded by European Union. This is a participatory project carried out with a group of women from Samba Résille, Centre Culturel Bonnefoy and Caisa in Finland) who question their relationship to public space at night. A nocturnal crossing that reveals the situations of tension that women can be confronted with. Between dream and nightmare, NYCTALOPE addresses particular typological places, a pedestrian crossing, a bus stop, a light under a street lamp, a narrow street… all situations that reveal strategies of avoidance or circumvention. These places will be transformed and diverted, the women are invited to re-appropriate them, to regenerate them. It is a question of meetings, live art workshops and performances in the public space.

FROM 20th to 25th sept 2021

– 13 september at 18 :30 / Samba Résille
Preparatory meeting of the 37 participants
– from 13 to 24 September / Samba Résille
Installation by Maëva Longvert / Photographs by Pierre Acobas
– 20 to 24 September 18:30 > 20:00 / Centre Culturel Bonnefoy
Movement / singing / self-defence / plastic workshops
– Saturday 25 September at 7.45pm and 8.45pm
Nyctalope wandering / crossing of women in the public space at night…
2 departures from Place Roquelaine
Capacity 50 people per session
The 2 performances are free of charge
Reservations required on facebook >>>

From 4th to 20th oct 2021

– 20 September / Samba Résille : Preparatory meeting for the Helsinki mobility
– 4-20 October / HELSINKI / CAISA Cultural Center
* Workshops / meetings / discussions between French and Finnish women in Caisa, Helsinki Cultural Center
* Cultural visits in Helsinki
– Tuesday 5 at 11am: Press conference / presentation of partner organisations: CAISA / CENTRE CULTUREL BONNEFOY / LE POLYMORPHE / SAMBA RÉSILLE
at Caisa (Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki, Finland)
– Friday 8 October at 8pm : Performance in the streets of Helsinki (Helsinginkatu 1 A, Helsinki) – infos >>>

The incubator of creative emergence” is a project fitting the priorities of the New European Agenda for Culture to use the whole potential of the cultural sector as a driving force for social equity and active citizenship by the creation of supportive environments for innovation, based on creativity and adapted to the skills of the audience. Its aim is to qualify the staff of adult education leaning on structured courses and job shadowing with 2 skillful partners, Swedish and German, whose skills and expertise will allow the implementation of adequate learning programs as answers to the needs listed by the French coordinator Samba Résille in its PED (plan for European Development).

The program of learning mobilities co-built with each partner takes into consideration the needs of the participants and organizes the hosting, the study of new tools (process of good practices), which objective is to increase the skills, the know-how and the social skills to:
• build a cultural season associating the audience;
• accompany artists to participate in artistic residencies and disseminate their work, whether they are professional or not, local or international;
• accompany careers in artistic emergence.

Thus, this project aims at organizing 100 individual mobilities dispatched in qualifying thematic modules and professional role-playing leaning on non-formal training, to increase the skills of the participants to:
• create cultural activities promoting active participation and increasing the well-being of the learners and the staff;
• encourage the mobility of artistic works and emerging artists, and reinforce the participation of all, especially the most vulnerable (the refugees), in the creative activities;
• promote art as a shared and universal patrimonial resource to raise awareness among the citizens on cultural diversity as a common value which reinforce the feeling of European identity;
• create favorable ecosystems for volunteers’ implication, and for emerging artists, especially for artists facing economic difficulties or handicap, to promote the access to financing, the potential of innovation, the fair remuneration of the creators and the trans sectorial cooperation.

These results will bring significate and sustainable changes to the participants, the participating organizations and the audience, and will impact on the development of the activities’ quality and the internationalization of all stakeholders, particularly thanks to a strengthening of the participants’ implication in the development of the quality, the qualification of the staff to include vulnerable publics, and the resizing of the associative project in Europe and at the international level. The goal of the project is to implement sustainable transformations, part of the expected impact on the local and regional territory, regarding transnational cooperation for local and regional emerging artists in the sector of world music and the implementation of a space to consolidate and develop projects and careers.

The measurement of the impact will use quantitative and qualitative data related to the dissemination of the project’s results, the documentation collected by the participants, the evaluating activities of the products and results of the actions, the evaluation of the formal and non-formal skills developed by each beneficiary, the transmission of the new acquired knowledge, the narration of the experiences lived by the participants, the moments of interviews and individual and collective face-to-face analysis, the times of observation and application of the acquired technical, managerial and citizen skills.

The dissemination strategy is based on a communication schedule, planning the project since its conception to the measurement of the post-project impact, through channels chosen according the direct or indirect targeted publics, and through common actions of internal and external communication by the consortium, to facilitate the utilization and dissemination of the acquired results.

Finally, this project fits completely the promotion of music and arts in teaching and training, priority issue for Erasmus + in 2019, and wishes to receive the acquired knowledge in order for Samba Résille to be ready in 2020 to open its CICCE (Center for Cultural and Civic European Initiatives), which will offer a range of entrepreneurial, digital, traditional, transversal and specialized skills for artistic emergence and will duplicate the most performant measures implemented for the emerging cultural sector.