Welcoming Avante3 to Samba Résille

Avante3 is an association based in Madrid that works with and for people with mental and sensory disabilities, in order to provide them with well-being and quality of life. This work is also done with the people around them, the different members and volunteers of the association, and allows to present them with the maximum of opportunities (which compensate for a lack in comparison to the possibilities offered to able-bodied people).

Avante3 claims that people with intellectual disabilities, like the rest of the population, are enriched by contact with other cultures and new experiences. It is thanks to the common values with Samba Résille and the same will of exchange that this project, in the framework of the Erasmus+ program, was born between the two partners.

The happy little group that came to meet us had several objectives:

  • To promote mutual enrichment through contact with people with intellectual disabilities from another culture,
  • To carry out inclusive play activities in which people with intellectual disabilities play a leading role,
  • To increase awareness of European citizenship and identity,

and this through satisfying leisure, conviviality, personal autonomy, social integration, and access to the cultural assets of our communities.

This week of exchange with the group was very positive for both our structures. The Avante3 youth were very motivated and participated enthusiastically in each activity. They were introduced to the batucada with Greg. The percussions led to meetings and exchanges with the groups of the IME des Troènes, the IJA (batucabraille) and the troupe Samba Résille, mutually rich and fruitful moments. They were able to visit the pink city but also the city of Carcassonne and Biarritz on the way back.

Find the Avante3 association on their website: https://avante3.org/