“The cultural richness of the world,  it’s its diversity in dialogue”

Koïchiro Matsuura,
UNESCO convention on cultural diversity

Since its creation in 1992 in Toulouse, Samba Résille, a non-governmental arts organisation, is deeply attached to the values of the Universal Declaration of the UNESCO on cultural diversity. They are the base of its work and of the foundation of the Centre d’Initiatives Culturelles et Citoyennes (CICC – Center for cultural and citizen initiatives), open in 2004, street Roquelaine in Toulouse.

This space is a polymorphic and interactive center, a place of proximity, accessibility, conviviality, energy, humanity; an open place where people can meet, one of the rare places where alternative cultures can develop, a popular and non-institutional place where everyone can be comfortable. It’s an organization nourishing from meetings, revitalizing permanently, a place shining on its territory, a living and vibrating place, a place spreading to the popular neighborhoods, which allows a appropriation of the center of the city, a project that works and allows a real participative and acting democracy.

Since more than 2013 years, Samba Résille is focused to revitalize more and more this place, putting in synergy its territory with abroad, multiplying meetings and European and international exchanges.
With the Erasmus + program (European commission), Samba Résille builds exchanges to share with European and international partners, to develop artistic, technic and managerial skills in the cultural field.
Thanks to mobilities (travels), volunteers, administrators and employees of the organization acquire new skills they can share with its territory and its publics.

– 2013 > Dublin (Grundtvig program)
– 2014 > Barcelona (adult education)
– 2015 > Toulouse (youth exchanges)
– 2015 > Toulouse (training on European funds)
– 2015 > Barcelona (adult education)
– 2016 > Liverpool (youth exchanges)
– 2016 > Toulouse (youth exchanges)
– 2016 > Toulouse (7 EVS)
– 2016 > Liverpool (adult education)
– 2016 > Toulouse (training on European funds)
– 2017 > Liverpool (adult education)
– 2017 > Glasgow (youth exchanges)
– 2017 > Rotterdam (adult education)
– 2017 > Brussels (sending an EVS)
– 2017 > Toulouse (training on European funds)
– 2018 > Lisbon (adult education)
– 2018 > Cape Town (strategic partnerships)
– 2018 > Lusaka (capacity building in the field of youth)
– 2018 > Cape Town (capacity building in the field of youth)
– 2018 > Torino (strategic partnerships)
– 2018 > Toulouse (training on European funds)
– 2019 > Budapest (strategic partnerships)
– 2019 > Torino (adult education)
– 2019 > Toulouse (strategic partnerships)
– 2019/2020 > Sweden / Finland (adult education)
– 2019/2020 > Benin / Brazil / French Guiana (capacity building in the field of youth)
– 2019/2021 > Germany / Sweden (adult education)

Samba Résille's international cooperations