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Erasmus+ Programme
KA1 – Youth Exchanges
Coordinator: Avante3


At Avante 3, we believe that people with intellectual disabilities, like the rest of the population, are enriched by contact with other cultures and new experiences, which broaden their opportunities for personal growth.

Traveling to another country and hosting young people from another nationality stimulates communication skills and broadens their world view.

Preparing the activities of the project themselves encourages their autonomy and helps them to become independent in their own lives. In order to feel like European citizens, they need to have a tangible and close experience that helps them to feel part of an international collective, as people with intellectual disabilities have difficulties in elaborating abstract ideas.

This project also aims to compensate for the lack of opportunities for people with disabilities to access other countries for training or work as other young people do. The proposal is linked to the objectives under the Erasmus+ program for mobility projects in the field of youth and young people with intellectual disabilities.

The objectives we have set for this project are:

  • To promote mutual enrichment through contact with people with intellectual disabilities from another culture
  • To carry out inclusive play activities in which people with intellectual disabilities play a leading role
  • To increase awareness of European citizenship and identity.

This exchange is intended to provide well-being and quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities through satisfying leisure, conviviality, personal autonomy, social integration, and access to the cultural assets of our community.

Participating in this project implies that the participants know and share this way of enjoying leisure in autonomy, with the possibility of choosing the activities that suit them, and of accessing the diverse cultural resources of both countries.

The objectives related to the Erasmus+ program also aim to strengthen the personal and social development of the participants, cooperation between organizations from different countries, the international dimension of youth activities and to improve the level of skills of young people.