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Erasmus+ Programme
KA1 – Adult education


“The cooperative developers of Samba Résille”


« The cooperative developers of Samba Résille » fits the priorities of the « New European Agenda for Culture” to make the most of the cultural potential as the driving force for social equity and active citizenship by the creation of supporting environments for innovation, based on creativity and adapted to the capacities of the audiences.

The Porto mobility is part of the KA1 project “Cooperative developers of Samba Résille”, which aims to improve the capacities of Samba Résille members to :

  • cooperate and communicate with each other in all interaction spaces: governance spaces, pedagogical spaces, project spaces
  • operate fluidly across a wide range of environments, internal and external, local and international

The acquisition of communication and intercultural techniques should allow the emergence of new leaders/cultural crossers within the association, and build a consensus around the values of Samba Résille, those of a diversity in action and lived from the local to the international scene.

Mobilising the expertise of our partner Tartaruga Distinta, the stay in Porto will be more specifically focused on

  • Musical and pedagogical cooperation techniques linked to the “playing together” specific to the roda de samba device
  • Digital cooperation of the teams around tools allowing to enhance the multiple dimensions of the Samba Resille project: multimedia pedagogical tools such as Padlet, Genially; podcasts; social networks and community managing
  • Intercultural skills linked to the Portuguese and Brazilian environments: linguistic skills, knowledge of historical, social and cultural environments
  • Managerial cooperation by developing the project in the medium and long term with our partner Tartaruga Distinta, an organisation with a different size and governance from Samba Résille.