Koïchiro Matsuura,
Preface to the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

Samba Résille, born in 1992 in Toulouse, is a Toulouse cultural association for popular education which pursues a European and international development strategy through creative and managerial cooperation, drawing on the cultural wealth of the world to bring its cultural diversity.

Aiming to become a Center for European Cultural and Citizen Initiatives (CICCE) by 2020, Samba Résille shares the analysis of the European Union which considers the cultural sector as an essential and strategic tool for building new responses to rise of extremism and self-absorption by relying on creativity and social innovation to stimulate intercultural dialogue.

This is why Samba Résille has been implementing since 2013 a program of professional meetings, artistic residencies and cultural dissemination, supported by the European Commission, which brings together young people and adults, able-bodied or with sensory and/or mental disabilities, with the aim of enriching each other, personally and/or professionally and capitalizing on experiential resources, which will allow it to achieve its objective of becoming a CICCE in 2020 through cooperation that consolidates the development of the skills of its human, salaried and volunteer resources and increase its capacity to include the most vulnerable people.

2013 > Dublin (Grundtvig program – adult education mobility)
2014 > Barcelona (adult education mobility)
2015 > Toulouse (capacity building in the field of youth)
2015 > Toulouse (training on European funding)
2016 > Liverpool (capacity building in the field of youth)
2016 > Toulouse (capacity building in the field of youth)
2016 > Liverpool (adult education mobility)
2016 > Toulouse (training on European funding)
2017 > Liverpool (adult education mobility)
2017 > Glasgow (capacity building in the field of youth)
2017 > Rotterdam (adult education mobility)
2017 > Brussels (European Voluntary Service)
2017 > Toulouse (training on European funding)
2018 > Lisbon (adult education mobility)
2018 > Cape Town (strategic partnerships)
2018 > Lusaka (capacity building in the field of youth)
2018 > Cape Town (capacity building in the field of youth)
2018 > Turin (strategic partnerships)
2018 > Toulouse (training on European funding)
2019 > Budapest (strategic partnerships)
2019 > Turin (capacity building in the field of youth)
2019 > Toulouse (strategic partnerships)
2019/2020 > Sweden / Finland / France (adult education mobility)
2019/2020 > Benin / Brazil / French Guyana / France (capacity building in the youth field)
2019 / 2021 > Germany / Sweden / France (adult education mobility)