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Erasmus+ program
KA1 – Adult education


Cooperative developers of samba Résille

"Cooperative Developers of Samba Resille" is a European non-formal training project that pursues the two objectives of improving:

– our methods of managing communication and information in environments where different perceptions and expectations of the cultural project led by those who bring it to life coexist.
– our governance processes so that they are favorable to the development of individual initiative and the cohesion of the actors of Samba Résille.

This is why we rely on learning mobility to:
•develop communication and intercultural skills that bring out new leaders and cultural brokers, ambassadors of good local and European practices, whom we call
"cooperative developers of Samba Résille".
•and foster a consensus around the shared values of popular education and culture as a tool for social transformation and the emancipation of citizens to build governance that allows relationships based on harmonious cooperation, self-respect and others.