Twenty members of Samba Résille and Artscape, recounting their experience in South Africa through a chosen image and a text testimonial... Members, employees or board members, each sharing without filtering his emotions related to the exchange in the frames of the cooperation Erasmus+ to Cape Town which they have participated and contributed.

Thanks to Cécile, Céline, Clarissa, Clément, Dominique, Enjoy, Greg, Hamza, Hughes, Jeremy, Johann, JP, Laurent, Leandro, Louise, Manga, Manu, Marlène, Oliana, Olmo, Ryan and Toberin.

From 12 October to 30 November
Opening on October 12 to 18

In the framework of the program Erasmus+, the members of Samba Résille were able to participate in multiple forms of mobility in South Africa with our partner Artscape in Cape Town on different projects such as : "Dream up ! Drum up ! ", "Cultural Construction of youth and the construction of juvenile culture" and "to Celebrate the cultural diversity in the urban space".

 The partnership with Artscape has revealed for our organizations-rich encounters and teachings over the years, there is no doubt that these experiences have also changed something about the members, who has transformed their visions of the world and the music, etc

This year, so we wanted to open the season with a retrospective that celebrates South Africa, with the organization of an exhibition which will be completed by a conference and a concert at the Médiathèque José Cabanis October 21, 2023, in the presence of Marlene le Roux, director of Artscape.

L’objectif de cette exposition est de valoriser les échanges avec Artscape et l’Afrique du Sud et ce dans la temporalité de la coupe du monde de rugby, mais aussi les perceptions et la sensibilité des adhérents de Samba Résille dans leur participation aux programmes de coopération.

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