The samba school is the historical training space of Samba Résille.  
Structured around an Adult sector and an EAMC sector (youth and specific audiences), the school provides training in the two main disciplines of Brazilian music: the practice of percussion (batucada) on the one hand, the practice of samba singing (Samba Pagode) on the other hand.
Open to all, the training course offered to adults and young people leads to numerous dissemination spaces.
It is in this way, and for several years, that the strategy pursued aims to improve and renew practices via: the multiplication of training spaces with in particular international teaching mobility, included in the course of learners, multidisciplinary and intercultural experimentation with the construction of numerous local and international partnerships


– 1st year adult lessons (percussion / singing)
– 2nd year adult lessons (percussion / singing)
– Samba Résille Compagny rehearsal
– Youth Band rehearsal (young adults)
– Brazilian songs workshop
– Samba de Roda percussion and strings workshop for beginners
– Atelier de percussions et cordes Samba de Roda intermédiaires
– Samba Résille Pagode: Cachaça Social Club
– Cross-workshop percussion laboratories

– Musical initiation, 4-5 years old
– Percussion initiation, 6-7 years old
– Children Batucada, 8-12 years old
– Youth Batucada : young people aged 13-17.

– Elementary and secondary schools, high schools, homeless people centers, after school centers…
– Other workshops (see mediation actions)
– CIAM workshops (Jean Jaurès University students)


The year 2022 saw the development in the premises of a functional kitchen, which can support multiple initiatives: cooking for an associative time, leading specific cooking workshops, hosting an experienced chef for an event, transmitting recipes learned during international projects, etc. The formats vary, while keeping the principle of an associative kitchen, open to others and the world. Two initiatives exploring the cultural and social dimension of cooking have given rise to regular workshops which will be renewed for the 2022-2023 season.


All the international cooperation carried out with members gives rise to culinary exchanges and sharing, in the form of international banquets (sharing and discovery of dishes) or culinary workshops where members experiment with our European partners on recipes and culinary techniques.


Born from a member initiative, the Samba Chef workshop approaches cooking from an intercultural point of view. Beyond the sharing of a culinary technique, the recipes of the world made during the workshop are contextualized by the chef who offers them, whether it is the story of a personal encounter with a particular culture, or a broader evocation of the culinary customs from which the recipe comes. 

Initiated in May 2022, the workshop takes place one Friday per month and brings together around ten members per evening. In the space of three workshops, the participants were able to travel between Guyana, Guadeloupe, India, the Central African Republic and the island of Mallorca!


In April 2022, the Toulouse association AVEC a fait la proposition d’animer son atelier « Autour de la table » dans les locaux de Samba Résille. 

Cet atelier conçu dans le cadre de l’appel à projet Tiers-lieux coordonné par la Direction des Solidarités et de la Cohésion Sociale de la Mairie de Toulouse a pour objectif de favoriser le lien social et l’accès gratuit à des denrées alimentaires pour les personnes hébergées dans des hôtels de la région toulousaine.

After a first workshop in April, Samba Résille and AVEC took the initiative to meet their audiences during a joint Samba Chef/Around the table workshop devoted to Central African cuisine.

For the 2022-2023 season, Around the table workshops will take place every Tuesday afternoon, with new crossing times planned.

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