Samba Résille is located in premises on two floors: a ground floor for the reception of the general public and a floor for its administrative needs.
The ground floor has been completely renovated by the City Hall of Toulouse and has been authorized to accommodate the public, including those with reduced mobility, following the visit of the Safety and Accessibility Commission on November 23, 2020, which issued a favorable opinion by opening authorization order Number 923-2020 on June 07, 2021.

The premises include :
– a rehearsal studio of 72 m²
– a stage area to perform our shows (199 standing places and 60 seats),
– dressing rooms + toilets
– an exhibition hall,
– a refreshment bar,
– a members area for catering and relaxation,
– storage spaces (for instruments and costumes) and artistic constructions spaces,
– administrative spaces (offices and reception areas).


Learning spaces located on the ground floor allow people with reduced mobility:
• to circulate easily ;
• to have access to sanitary facilities such as toilets;
• to move around without difficulty by finding their bearings correctly.
In addition to accessibility within our premises, everything has been put in place so that people with reduced mobility can access Samba Résille as freely as able-bodied people by facilitating access to doors, equipment and furniture used.

>> For more information, you can contact our disability referent Gregory Valter (greg@samba-resille.org).


Samba Résille is as attached to musical creation, by encouraging it, by supporting it artistically, technically and by accompanying it administratively, as to musical practice by promoting it and giving it the necessary means for its development.


The Performance Hall of Samba Résille is a 4th category room, L4, PMR accessible and equipped with an associative refreshment bar, with a capacity of 199 people standing, 60 seated. 
It has been renovated by the City Hall with all the premises, and its equipment has also been renewed thanks to the support of the City Hall and the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne. It allows the professional reception of many activities in compliance with safety standards and excellent working conditions for artists and technicians.

Central, the performance hall is a multifunctional space that hosts concerts, residencies and exhibitions, but also internal activities such as workshops, meetings, the general assembly, etc.



The rehearsal studio and the stage are spaces that offer optimal conditions for rehearsals, residencies, internships and Master Classes. The public that benefits from it is numerous and diverse. These are more than 400 beneficiaries per year. This is more than 1000 hours of reception in rehearsal, internships and creative residencies that Samba Résille makes available outside of its activities.

Residences are spaces at the crossroads of training and dissemination activities.
Welcoming artists from all backgrounds to our premises allows the association to strengthen its local and international partnership network, and to open up to new aesthetics and encounters from which new projects built together can result.
To do this, the associative project is discussed beforehand with the artists welcomed, in order to organize with them a time of transfer within the framework of the activities of Samba Résille: time of exchange with the members, masterclass, concert of exit of residence or further international support.


Samba Résille strives to build a show agenda that reflects its associative project, namely a multidisciplinary, participatory and open to the world show agenda.

Multidisciplinary because it is open to all forms of art: concerts, exhibitions, theatre, storytelling, karaoke...   
Participatory because it involves members at all levels: from the conception of the season via the Programming Commission, to the organization of the event itself (show management, bar, ticket office).
Open to the world because interculturality is at the heart of the Samba Résille project, and that international cooperation projects make it possible to expand its offer in world music.


Depending on your needs, Samba Résille can host your meetings, seminars or events:
– Multipurpose room/performance hall on the ground floor (199 people standing and 60 seated)
– Meeting room on the first floor (15 people)
With tables and chairs / video projector / wired and wifi internet connection / kitchen for catering /

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  • Table de Mixage : Allen & Health SQ5 + DX 168/X BUNDLE (Thoman)
  • Système de diffusion de son Audio Linear (4500 Watts)
  • Système de retour scène 4 bains de pied
  • Système d’éclairage 14 projecteurs Led + table d’éclairage FLX S24
  •  Set de micro + DI + set micro batterie + set de pied de micro + câbles + pupitres
  •  2 systèmes son portable Yamaha stage pass 600 watts avec pieds
  •  Ampli AER
  • Vidéoprojecteur Benq + écran de visionnage
  • Limiteur sonore : SNA 70-3R NORM2017(Levenly)
  • 1 enceinte Bluetooth Marshall