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Erasmus+ program
European Solidarity Corps
(formerly called EVS) 
Partenaire du projet

European Youth Arts Engagement – Exploring and sharing best practice

Our projects participant’s developed the skills and competences in arts engagement projects and practical festival coordination and management, building their capacities and capabilities to better implement future youth led arts engagement projects in their own national contexts. The partners within this application are producers of large-scale carnival/festival events within their own national contexts. These events recruited a wide range of volunteers who assisted in the planning, implementation and delivery of these key cultural activities. The project participants assisted in the development of professional festival events in France (Toulouse)

Number and profile of participants: 9 young people from UK in total, from backgrounds of less opportunity Some of our other participants dropped out prior to the ESC taking place. Our partner was not able to retain their ESC recruits some of whom found work or chose other commitments. they therefore did not have a outgoing ESC group participate in this project.

9 young people engaged in the project; 3 youth arts project workers; 1 performance projects presented within large-scale festival carnival event (Toulouse) Project visibility (through large-scale events) 100,000 people/audiences